At a Glance

Inesia Global Agriculture is a trading company engaged in agriculture in Indonesia. This business has been started in 2000 by starting as a distributor of coconut-derived commodities from Bombana to local exporters in Indonesia.

Seeing the potential for agricultural wealth in Indonesia and the increasing market demand both domestically and internationally. So we believe and work hard to meet customer demands in both domestic and international markets. We distribute agricultural products to all farmers and partners in Indonesia by prioritizing quality.

Now we have been able to supply the needs of agricultural products for export to several exporters in Indonesia and have expanded partnerships with several importers abroad to be able to directly export agricultural products.

Currently PT. Inesia Global Agriculture seeks to implement a sustainable agricultural product sales system from upstream to downstream so that products from farmers and our partners can produce customer satisfaction.


To become a distributor of quality Indonesian agricultural products for national and international markets.​


  • Provide high-quality Indonesian agricultural commodities.
  • Partnering with Indonesian farmers to produce quality agricultural products.
  • Prioritizing customer demand for national and internationalmarkets
Farmers are our Family

We are aware that without farmers the company will not be
able to provide the best quality